What Is the Difference Between a Claw Hammer and a Rip Hammer?

An array of hammers on a blue background.

Claw hammers and rip hammers can be found in a variety of sizes and materials. The most common material used is metal for the head and wood or fiberglass for the handle. Additionally, they possess soft grips and shock absorbers to minimize chances of injury. When selecting the right hammer, hold the hammer and give it an easy swing. Comfort should be the key purchasing factor.


Rip Hammer

The rip hammer is generally used for framing and ripping construction tasks. It is flatter than a claw hammer and is used to rip apart the wood that has been nailed together.

Claw Hammer

The curved claw hammer is a double-ended hammer that is used for hammering and pulling out of nails. The curved claw hammer has a deep curve on one end while the other being flat. This is commonly used for pulling out nails.

The rip hammer is a heavy tool and is mainly used by professionals while the curved claw hammer is a light tool that can be used at home by the average users. So, more than likely you'll be using a claw hammer!