What Is the Proper Salt Water Pool Chlorine Level?

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Salt water pool chlorine isn’t added to the pool water, like in a regular pool. A salt water pool may sound like a fancy substitute for the ocean in your backyard, but in reality, swimming in such a pool is just like swimming in a fresh water pool.

The difference is that instead of continuously adding chlorine to the water, the salt in the pool water will undergo a chemical process as it is pumped through the pool system and will naturally produce chlorine as a by-product. This means easier pool care for you and savings in the long run, although this system does require a greater initial investment.

The Proper Level of Chlorine for Salt Water Pools

In a salt water pool, chlorine levels should be between 50 to 75 pm. You should test these levels frequently, especially if you have an outdoor pool, because sunlight can break down chlorine in water, making your pool more prone to bacterial growth and other nasties. This can be resolved with the occasional addition of a stabilizer, like cyanuric acid.

Ways to Keep Chlorine Levels Steady

In addition to protecting chlorine levels from UV rays with a stabilizer, you can also monitor the water’s pH level. If the water’s pH is around 7.2, chlorine levels should stay balanced.