What is the Wait Time before Laying Ceramic Tile on Self Leveling Compound?

Ceramic tile floors.

Using a self-leveling compound over your plywood subflooring is necessary in order to lay a ceramic tile floor. Self-leveling compound is a quick set concrete compound that is used for the installation of floors in new home construction, remodels, or renovations. Working with a self-leveling compound as a do-it-yourselfer requires some practice in order to learn how to efficiently lay the compound on the flooring before it hardens and sets up.

Determining the Amount of Time to Wait

The amount of time that you need to wait when working with a self-leveling compound once it is poured, before you can lay a ceramic tile floor, depends on the product that you are working with. Self-leveling compound can set up and become hard fairly quick, within 15 to 30 minutes after it has been mixed with water and reaches the consistency of peanut butter.

Following the Manufacturer's Suggestion

Determining how long to wait can be done simply and easily. The packaging which you pour the self-leveling compound from will have information about the length of time necessary to wait. This will provide you the most accurate indication of the amount of time needed once you properly mix the compound for application on your floor.