What is Tile Grout Additive?

If you are doing a tile project you will be working with tile grout. You may discover there are several tile grout additives that you can add to your grout for varying reasons.

1. Colorant

A colorant can be added when mixing dry grout to match or contrast with the tile. Many people like to match the grout to the tile and make the grout lines very small when installing the tiles. This will give the overall affect of a continuous wall of tile. Colorants come in a huge variety of colors and can be purchased at any tile store and at many hardware stores and large home improvement stores. Follow the instructions on the container when adding to dry grout.

2. Sealant

Liquid sealants are manufactured that can be added to your grout when you are mixing it. This sealant added to the grout will eliminate the step of you sealing your grout after it has dried. The sealants are also available mixed with colors for a one-step mixing process.

3. Latex

There are liquid latex additives manufactured that can be added when you are mixing your grout. This addition will make your grout more flexible which will eliminate cracks in your grout as the grout dries and your house settles.