What Makes a Good Aquaponics Grow Bed?

If you want to set up an aquaponics garden, choosing the right grow bed for your plants can be daunting. Whether you want to make a grow bed yourself, or purchase one, a few things need to be considered. Ensure that the material is safe and doesn't contain any toxins or harmful chemicals. And get the correct size tub for the number of plants that will be grown. Standard tubs and containers are available at aquaponics supply stores, but you can save money by finding an alternative vessel to grow your plants in.

Grow Beds

Aquaponics suppliers stock grow beds in a number of materials, sizes, and shapes. Readily available are fiber glass and food grade plastics. For the more rustic look, grow beds also come in corrugated metal.

Acrylic Tank

A large acrylic fish tank can be used as a grow bed for aquaponics. Either second hand or new, a fish tank could be a less expensive option as a planter box. An acrylic fish tank can be made to your own specifications, at home, or through a manufacturer.


Barrels are found at plastics and aquaponics suppliers. They can also be purchased second hand. If you decide to get a used barrel, make sure you know what was previously stored in it, so you know that it's safe to use. Barrels make ideal grow beds. Wooden barrels are good as grow beds, too; but they need to be water tight.