What Sander Should be Used for Small Spaces?

Depending on the job and the size of the space, some sanders are better than others when it comes to working in small spaces. While your trusty belt sander might be your favorite tool, most likely, it won’t work very well when you are confined to working in small spaces or with smaller projects.  

Belt Sanders

Belt sanders are not the best tools for projects that will be confined to smaller spaces. They are often too bulky and may cause indentations in the wood that you are working with because it may be too difficult to get proper coverage. They will also potentially take off too much material too quickly as they are applied to smaller spaces.  

Orbital Disk Sanders

These tend to be the best for smaller jobs because they don’t take off too much material.  They also come in hand-held and palm-sized models. They are great for hobbies and crafts as well because they are quite delicate.  A palm sander, or pad sander, is another offshoot of the orbital disk sander but do not have the same oscillation. The palm sander is pointed at the tip and perfect for getting into tight spaces and corners.