What Sunroom Windows Are Most Energy Efficient?

Energy efficient sunroom windows are a necessity for the homeowner who wants to make a sunroom addition to a home. By using these types of windows, the homeowner will be creating what is called an eco sunroom. 

An eco sunroom will be the most energy efficient room in the home, saving the homeowner a large amount of money over a series of years. There are different types of energy efficient windows that can be used for this project and a number of important aspects to take into consideration. 

Number of Panes

While double paned windows are an acceptable and more affordable choice, windows with three panes of glass are better. These three panes will allow for the greatest level of insulation when added to a window. 


Argon is a gas that can be found naturally in the atmosphere. It cannot be smelled, seen or tasted and is non-toxic. 

Isolated, this gas is heavier than air and is used as an insulator. The gas is installed between two panes of glass to provide a single layer of insulation. Triple-paned windows give homeowners two layers of insulation. 

Insulation helps eliminate problems with frost and condensation, preventing moisture damage. The insulation properties of an individual window can be specified and is given the measurement of an ‘R-Value’. 


Coated window panes with thin layers of metal help block harmful rays from the sun and can assist in reducing the levels of fading that can affect floors and furniture. Many different types of metals can be used, such as titanium oxide or silver. Multiple layers are applied for greater benefit. 

The metal coating is not seen on the window, but is perfect in dealing with problems from the glare of the sun. The coating also helps to give the sunroom a bright atmosphere. 

Combining Factors

When three panes of glass, two layers of insulation and multiple coatings of metal coating are combined, the resulting window is the most energy efficient model found on the market. This particular type of window is called a soft coat, low-e insulated window. The R-value of this type of window stands at 4.35. 

This window blocks hot air from entering the room during the summer and warm air from escaping through the window during the winter months. The window also prevents cold air from entering the room in the winter and cool air from escaping during the summer months. 


Windows can be custom made to suit the requirements for an individual room. These windows can be constructed in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They can run from floor-to-ceiling or be shorter for tradition window apertures. They can be purchased stationary or as an ‘open and close’ option. The windows can also be used on the ceiling to provide the homeowner with a conservatory in the sunroom. 

It is easy to see the benefits of these energy efficient choices when used in any sunroom. Using this window type will also add extra value to your home.