What Time To Run Your Sprinklers

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Depending on your location, temperature, and yearly rainfall situation, there will be times when watering your lawn with sprinklers is a necessity. With the way that people are looking to conserve water, it is now more important than ever to know when to water your lawn efficiently and effectively. Knowing and understanding different aspects of watering your lawn such as heat, evaporation, wind, and water restrictions will make a big impact on how you water your lawn.

Water Very Early in the Morning

Having your sprinklers turn on early in the morning is the best time to water your lawn. In fact, your lawn should be watered before 5 AM when the sun begins cresting over the horizon. This will help limit the evaporation that happens when the sun is shining down on the lawn, plus help combat lawn disease that occurs when there is standing water from night watering.

Water a Day Before Mowing
If you have a certain day of the week you mow the lawn, you can lessen the amount of brown patches by watering your lawn the day before you actually mow. The water and nutrients will help the lawn recover quicker after being mowed.