What to Consider Before Purchasing a Steam Shower Unit

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There are various factors that you should consider in purchasing a steam shower unit. You should consider the size of the bathroom where you want to install your steam shower unit, the style of the steam shower unit you want, its features and its energy efficiency.

Benefits of Steam Shower

Steam showers can do wonders for your body. Aside from its revitalizing effect, they open your skin pores and make you sweat, removing the toxins from your body. Steam shower also increases your heart rate and metabolism. Steam showers are ideal for people with respiratory problems, such as sinus congestion and asthma.

Whether to Buy a Steam Shower

Despite the advantages of using steam shower, it has its limitations. They are not advisable for people with heart disease or diabetes, the elderly, and pregnant women. Before purchasing a steam shower, consult your physician. Determine if your health condition allows you to use a steam shower safely.

Steam Shower Unit Size

A steam shower should fit well into your bathroom and complement its size. A single-steam shower is appropriate for a single person, while a double-steam shower could accommodate 2 or more bathers. Although larger steam showers offer more comfort, a single-steam shower is best for a small bathroom.

Steam Shower Unit Style

There are different styles from which to choose. The most common are wall-mounted steam showers and bathtub steam showers. A corner-steam shower is installed at an angled position so that it fits the corner of the bathroom. Corner steam showers are ideal for bathrooms with limited space. Wall steam showers are installed flat on the wall and look like a standard shower. Bathtub steam showers loos like a regular bathtub and save space. Choose based on your preference and the available space in your bathroom.

Energy Rating

Steam showers consume a lot of energy. Inexpensive steam shower units often have a low energy rating, which means cheap steam showers consume more energy. More expensive steam shower units have a higher energy rating, which means they are more energy-efficient. Choose a steam shower unit with a higher energy rating. It will save you money in your electric bills over the long run.


Steam showers also differ in their features. Some steam shower units have basic features, such as a temperature gauge and controls, foot massagers, aromatherapy, radio, mirrors, and stereo speakers. The more features a steam shower has, the more expensive it will be.