What to Consider when Buying a Hand Auger

a hole in a lawn with an auger pole
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If you need to bore a hole into some material, a hand auger is the best tool for the job. This simple tool has two handles with blades that shovel to dig a hole. The handheld tool can help you dig into wood, ice, cork, cardboard, plastic, soil and other materials. With the right auger, you needn’t labor when you have to dig a hole someplace in the home. Various types of handheld augers are available on the market. Below is a useful guide for what to consider when you are looking to buy a hand auger.

1. Size of Auger

Handheld diggers come in different sizes. For simple holes that don’t require much effort, a small sized digger will do. Small augers are also easier to carry around. However, some jobs require a heavier tool. A larger-sized auger would be better if you need to dig larger, deeper holes.

2. Material of Auger

Most hand diggers are produced from steel or fiberglass. Those made from steel are best for heavy duty use because of the high resilience of steel. They can be used on various jobs with assured efficiency. Steel augers are also very durable. However, the material adds to the weight of the tool. If you prefer a lightweight handheld auger, fiberglass is a good choice. Auger handles may be made of wood, fiberglass or vinyl. Wood is subject to damage by sun and moisture.

Fiberglass has a higher resistance to the elements. Wooden handles may not be as durable as fiberglass. If the auger is large, wooden handles will also add to the overall weight. However, handles made of fiberglass are much lighter and do not add significantly to the overall weight of the tool.

3. Power Source

Both hand-operated and power-driven augers are available on the market. Mechanical augers are fine for simple jobs that don’t require much effort. However, if you need to dig several holes, you may want to consider a power-driven auger. It will enable you to work faster and more efficiently. However, hand-operated augers may be more durable than power-driven ones. This is because of the fewer components involved in the assembly of hand-operated augers.

4. Nature of Job

man with post hole digger

Both the diameter and depth of the hole are important considerations. Clamshell augers are adequate if you only need to dig surface holes. This auger allows you to dig small holes easily and quickly. With the clamshell digger, you can dig up to a depth of two feet. However, beyond two feet, the small diameter of the hole will make it difficult to spread the tool handles. If you need to dig holes with a large diameter, the hand post-hole digger is ideal. It allows you to make holes of up to eight inches in diameter. You can also dig much deeper with the hand post-hole digger.

5. Versatility

Basic versions of the handheld auger consist of two handles with a shovel-like feature at the bottom. These models do not allow you to make any modifications during usage. However, some hole diggers come with additional sections which can be used to extend the handle length. It allows you to dig deeper holes, hence increasing flexibility as you work.