What to Consider when Buying a Paint Pad

A paint pad is a very useful tool when decorating. As with anything, however, a paint pad will work best for you when you know how to use it properly. It’s not ideal for all types of painting but when a paint pad is used well, it can do the perfect job for you. The pad consists of surface of mohair on a bed of foam that’s attached to the handle. A paint pad will spatter less than a typical paint roller and can be easier on the hand.


You need to buy a paint pad with a good, secure handle. There are plenty of brands available, but often on a cheap paint pad, the handle will come off as you work. That’s messy and can ruin your paint job.

Test the paint pad before you buy it. Lift it and run it along the wall. Look at how the pad is secured to the handle. Read reviews of different makes before you buy. You might well find that it’s worth paying more, since your paint pad will last longer.

What Type of Job

Whether or not you buy a paint pad can depend on the type of painting job you need to do. They’re most effective in smaller spaces, rather than on whole walls. For that a roller will give more even coverage, at least on a flat wall.

Use a paint pad for smaller areas, or on walls that are lightly textured. If you try to use a paint pad on a wall that’s heavily textured, then the mohair on the pad will stick on the texture and ruin the surface.


A proper paint pad has mohair on the surface. The more expensive ones will use better mohair and more of it. As with the handle, you’ll find that paying more for a paint pad will buy you one off a higher quality, which will last you a lot longer.


Be aware that you need to clean a paint pad as soon as you’ve finished using it. Don’t wait for an hour. If the paint dries on the paint pad, it will be ruined. You can clean the paint pad in water, but always do a thorough job. It’s worth the little extra time to extend the life of your pad.


A paint pad works best with paint that has been slightly thinned. Often, without this, you’ll find it to be difficult to apply the paint evenly and smoothly, because of the mohair. By simply thinning the paint, the job will be smooth. Remember that a paint pad is intended to apply thin coats of paint to a surface. That means you’ll need to apply several coats of paint to cover properly.

This also means not having too much paint on the paint pad. If it’s dripping, there’s too much and you need to wipe it before apply the paint to the wall. You should also ensure all your strokes go in the same direction for the smoothest coverage.