What to Consider when Buying High Gloss Paint

High gloss paint has several advantages such as a lustrous, thick finish, resistance to staining and ease of cleaning. These paints reflect maximum light, because of which the painted surface looks shiny and bright. Before you buy high gloss paint, consider some key points such as suitability to the intended location, condition of the surface and the look you want to achieve.

Where to Apply High Gloss Paint

High gloss paint is rarely used on walls, except in bathrooms and kitchens. Even in these places, the very bright finish and high luster can make the overall environment look too formal. The best surfaces to apply high gloss paint include cabinets, doors, trim and furniture. On walls, high gloss paint provides the highest level of durability. It provides a thick layer of paint that is resistant to dirt, finger marks, scuffs, wear and tear. However, the shiny surface is not the kind of look you would want if you desire a warm, appealing look in your rooms. You also have to be careful about the lighting you use if you want to avoid shiny glares.

Kitchens and bathrooms, which are exposed to a high level of moisture, humidity and water, are locations that are better suited to high gloss paints. If you already have a presentable layer of paint on the walls, you do not have to worry about applying primer. If you want to paint your trims, cabinets, doors, window frames or want to give your furniture a fresh new look, high gloss paint is an excellent choice.

High gloss paints are washable, which make them suitable for high traffic areas. However, you must use them sparingly, for instance in patterns of decorative painting in kids’ rooms. Areas or patches of a wall on which you use high gloss paint will stand out and be more noticeable, making them good choices if you want to create a striking effect. You can also use these paints outdoors because they hold up well to external weather conditions and can be washed when dirty.

Drawbacks of High Gloss Paint

Because high gloss paint reflects light so well, it has a tendency to show all the blemishes on a surface. It is therefore important to thoroughly prepare the surface before you apply high gloss paint on it. You must cover all holes with putty and sand them over to provide a smooth layer. Apply primer for best results, because it improves adhesion and gives a better look when the job is complete.

Choosing between Latex and Alkyd High Gloss Paints

High gloss paints are available in water based (latex) and oil based (alkyd) versions. Of the two, latex paints are the environmentally friendly choice. Alkyd paints provide a harder and more durable finish. They also provide a more lustrous finish. However, alkyd paints show a tendency to yellow over time, whereas latex paints hold color better. Also, alkyd paints take a longer time to dry, resulting in long intervals between consecutive coatings. Alkyd paints do not last very long in good condition, because they are not resistant to mold and mildew.