What to Consider when Buying Lattice Panels

Lattice panels are usually made of wood and are an attractive fencing option and are available in several different styles and many various designs. They are generally fairly easy to install and make an excellent DIY project for those that have some basic carpentry skills and the simple tools needed to do the job. 

Although you will have many options when choosing lattice panels, you should understand the various types of material that are available and how they may or may not benefit your installation. So, this article will address some of the most important points for you to consider when choosing lattice panels for your yard or landscape.

Determining the Primary Use of the Lattice Panels

Before you purchase lattice panels, you should first determine the actual use for the panels. If you'll be using the lattice panels as a true fence product, you'll need to purchase heavy duty types of lattice panels. However, you should be aware that heavy-duty lattice panels also require some sort of external support. For example, many lattice panels are installed with posts between the panels that are able to support the heavy weight of the panels.

On the other hand, if you are simply looking to add lattice panels to your yard or landscape in order to provide a little more privacy, there are many types of light weight lattice panels that can be installed without post or rail support. In fact, some types of lattice panels are usually installed on top of an existing wooden fence or other area with simple wood screws.

Pre-painted Panels Versus Painting them Yourself

Another choice you need to make when choosing lattice panels is if you want the panels pre-painted or not. Many home improvement centers offer lattice panels that are pre-painted in common and popular colors. Although painting the lattice panels is not difficult at all, it can be time-consuming. Therefore, pre-painted lattice panels can save you a lot of time and effort when you install them.

However, choosing lattice panels that are not prepainted can save you a lot of money. On average, plain wood lattice panels are about 25 to 30 percent cheaper than pre-painted panels. Therefore, if low cost is your utmost concern, then go with panels that you can paint yourself.

Lattice Support Considerations

As mentioned above, heavy-duty lattice panels will require some sort of support. Because heavy-duty lattice panels are generally heavy, they don't hold up well when installed with finishing nails or wood screws. Therefore, you will normally need to insert a post into the ground much as you would with a normal wood rail fence.

If you don't like the way large posts look in the middle of your lattice panels, you can also use painted nylon cord and staples to secure the top of your lattice panels to secured locations at the ends of the lattice panel runs. You can then attach the bottom of the lattice panels to railway ties or other posts that are laid horizontally on the ground. Although this approach is not as secure and stable as the normal post hole method, it is an effective way to create an attractive lattice panel fence.