What to Consider When Buying Suede Paint

Before tackling a project, you should consider what suede paint you are going to buy, especially if you are a beginner.

Buying the paint

Buying and then applying suede paint can be a gratifying project that shouldn't take you more than a couple of days to complete on an average size room. Suede paint isn't applied like regular paint, the drying times are different and the technique for getting a beautiful soft effect are different than regular painting. There are many different brands of suede paint with Ralph Lauren and Valspar seeming to be the most popular. You can find cheap versions at home centers and hardware stores but overall the quality finished job isn't as good.

Buying supplies and tools

It is very important to prepare properly so part of buying suede paint should be also buying good supplies. Purchase good painters tape and mask all areas you don't want to get this paint on. You will need rags, a good roller with a half inch nap, a roller tray, and a really good paint brush that is at least 3" wide. Don't buy a cheap roller or brush, the finished look will be different.

Applying the suede paint

Set aside a couple of days where you will have no interruptions and can finish the job from start to finish. The first coat is applied like any other paint, and you can use any brush or roller, so distractions won't cause you much trouble. Once that first coat is dry, the second coat that gives the suede look will need to be applied quickly. Work in about a four foot area an always having a wet edge. Use the good 3 inch brush for this and apply this coat in large X shaped patterns. Check your pattern often and vary it a bit, but work quickly and don't leave globs. This second coat will not level out and will dry just as you leave it. If a third coat is desired, apply according to directions. Spills, even dry ones, can be cleaned up with a wet rag.

The biggest thing to consider when buying suede paint is your willingness to take on the project, your skill level and your patience. Perhaps a bit of creative or artistic skill would also be helpful. A good paint store or home store can give you a lot of valuable advice and perhaps even have pamphlets. The overall look of this type of faux finish is beautiful when done properly. Walls finished like this really do have the look of a beautiful suede cloth that can fool the eye and even the touch it is so exact, so it is well worth all of the extra effort.