What to Consider when Buying Venetian Plaster Wallpaper

Venetian plaster wallpaper is a beautiful way to ad an elegant touch to a room. This type of wall covering is gaining rapid popularity and can be found in any home improvement or paint store. However, with endless options of colors and textures, styles and brands, it is easy to become overwhelmed when trying to figure just what you want for a specific room. Here are a few things to think about before you make your final purchase.

Easy Come, Easy Go?

When you see wallpaper, or any wall finish that was done more than ten years ago, what do you think of it? Is it dated? Ugly even? Unfortunately, even the most beautiful pattern today may be an eyesore tomorrow. When looking into Venetian plaster wallpapers, it may not hurt to also look into how easily they can be removed, should you ever tire of them or want a new look for your room.

Hanging Hassles

Because Venetian plaster wallpaper is a higher quality than many other types of wallpaper, it has much more specific hanging instructions. However hanging any sort of wallpaper can be a struggle. You must make sure your seams match perfectly and that any patterns fit together. Otherwise you will be left with walls that look sloppy and armature, instead of elegant. Many people opt to hire professional to hang their wallpaper for them, but this can cost a bundle. Before choose your Venetian wallpaper, carefully check the hanging instructions and make sure you are up for the job.

Paint by Numbers

Buying Venetian wallpaper that needs to be painted doesn’t require an artist’s hand, but it does require patience. Any sort of pattern or finish that goes up after the paper is hung and dried must be done with a tediously steady hand and an eye for detail. The outcome of a job well done will be worth it, but one slip of the hand and your walls could be ruined. 

Faux Real?

Before you set your heart on a Venetian plaster wallpaper, consider a faux paint finish. Most home improvement and paint stores offer instructional classes on how to paint a Venetian plaster finish on your walls that is not as permanent or as costly as its wallpaper counterpart, and while it may be more work up front, paint is more forgiving than wallpaper, and easier to just paint over.

Tears and Scratches

Be sure that any Venetian plaster wallpaper you may decide on will stand up well in the room you hang it in. A high traffic room, or one that is often host to children or pets can get a lot of wear and your walls can show it. Selecting a thick paper and a good adhesive can cut down on the damage, which is not so easy to fix once it’s been done.

Looking over all your options and selecting a Venetian plaster wallpaper that is easy to hang but hardy once dried is a sure way to be sure that you are making the right choice.