What to Do About a Noisy Pool Pump

A pool pump filter system

A pool pump is a basic pump that constantly cycles water and chemicals to the pool. The chemicals, though safe to humans, can damage the internal components of the pump. They may corrode some of the parts, which can cause water to be misdirected or the pump to work harder to circulate the water, which makes noise. Read on to learn how to silence your noisy pool pump.

Check Seal

Your pool pump should be sitting flat in its location. When it is not flat, the internal mechanisms will cause it to shake and jostle around. If the pump is screwed down, tighten the screws. You can also attempt to use wood wedges or pieces of brick or concrete to keep it still.

Close Lid

The vibration caused by the pool pump could cause the screws holding the lid in place to come loose. A telltale sign of this problem is water spilling from under the lid. To solve this problem, simply tighten the screws.

Fix Seal

Over time, the chemicals you use to clean the water can damage the rubber seals inside the pool pump. When these seals are corroded, the water does not flow properly, which can cause the pump to be noisy. Turn off the pump and drain the water from it. Open the top of the pump and inspect all of the rubber seals. Look for discoloration or seals that are rotting or brittle. You can easily replace these pieces with parts from a pool store.

Remove Debris

The pool pump is a powerful piece of equipment that circulates gallons of water every minute. This powerful suction will not only suck up water but will suck up leaves, bugs, and gravel. These materials will get caught inside the filter basket and when it overflows this material can wind up in the main housing of the pool pump. Turn the pump off and remove the lid. Drain the water and dump the filter basket. Turn the whole unit over and make sure any other debris is left behind falls out.

Add Cover

Naturally noisy pool pumps can be silenced by adding a cover around the canister to insulate the noise. You can also make your own pool pump cover for little money. Measure the circumference of the pool pump and cut out a piece of 1-inch thick foam to meet the height and length of the pool pump. Attach Velcro to each end of the foam. Cover the foam with duct tape. Wrap the cover around the pool pump.