What to Do About Lost Garage Door Openers

A man uses a garage door opener.

Garage door openers are considered a necessary convenience, especially in climates with harsh weather conditions. You quickly learn to reply on your automatic door opener in inclement weather. It is frustrating, therefore, when your garage door remote device becomes lost or damaged. These tips will help you deal with the frustrating situation.

1. Use a House Entrance to your Garage

Hopefully, your home has an access door to enter your garage. If you do not have an additional door, a window will do. If you have neither a door nor a window you can use for a garage entrance, you will have no choice but to call for assistance.

2. Release the Door Opening Mechanism

Once in the garage, use a ladder to reach up and release the door opening mechanism on the door opener. Usually all that is necessary is to pull the appropriate cord (which resembles the starter cord on your lawnmower). Some garage door opener mechanisms have a button that you must push.

3. Open Your Garage Door

Once you have released the door opening mechanism by pulling the cord, you can usually raise the garage door by lifting it.

4. Purchase a New Remote

To purchase a new remote, make a note of the make and model number of the garage door opener. When purchasing your new remote, check to make sure it is configured to match your old door opener's radio signal frequency.