What to Do if Your Berber Carpet Gets Wet

Due to its loop-pile construction, Berber carpet doesn't mat when its walked on, and gives the comfortable sensation of wool underfoot. Still, this style of carpeting is not without its downsides, and keeping it clean and dry is one of them. If your Berber carpet gets wet, don't panic. You can handle cleaning it like you would most other thick types of carpeting.

Find the Source of Wetness

To start with, try to determine the source of the wetness. You need to be able to figure out whether or not whatever got spilled on your carpet is going to stain. If it's just water, then it's no big deal. Dab the excess with a fluffy towel, and remove the rest with a hairdryer set to low heat.

If the liquid is colored, try to determine the origin of the stain. Different types of carpet have different properties when it comes to soaking up certain chemicals. Berber carpet is known for being able to soak up moisture, and the problem with this is that some substances are prone to bonding to its fabric and becoming true stains. If the wetness is from something like red wine or blood, it's important to remember not to scrub the carpet. Because of the thickness and length of the loops of material in Berber, this will just spread the stain around. A mixture of white vinegar and baking soda shouldn't hurt the carpet. Just remember to blot the stain out; don't scrub.

Dried Liquids are More Stubborn

Old stains that have already dried and set into the carpet might take a little more persuasion to remove. For this, you'll want to dilute ammonia into water as per instructions on the bottle. Applying that generously to the stained area and allowing it to set for a few minutes should considerably lighten the stain, although you may have to dab it out and apply the solution multiple times to completely remove it. In the case of a colored wetness, or one that came from some sort of chemical, it's important to err on the side of caution and refrain from trying to rapidly dry the spot away using the same method you would for water. Wet Berber carpet located near sources of heat are liable to become stained more quickly, so you should probably try to act upon those as quickly as you can.

Berber is Worth Working Hard For

Still, the benefits of having such a luxurious and homey style of carpeting far outweighs the upkeep it requires. With a little bit of care and attentiveness, you can keep Berber looking fresh and clean for years to come. Many people maintain that it is still a great indoor choice for both children and pets who are prone to heavy play, since its thick nature allows it to absorb impact.