What to Do if Your Doorbell Button Overheats

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Do-it-yourselfers install electrical components such as outlets and doorbells all the time. Sometimes, however, one of these small components can go haywire and overheat. In fact, it is not uncommon for a doorbell to overheat and it can actually pose a serious damage to your family and your property.

If you doorbell is overheating, you could simply call a professional. However, if you are feeling particularly handy, you can diagnose the problem on your own.

Easy Steps to Diagnose a Hot Doorbell

You first want to remove the chime from the wall. You will need two short pieces of wire. The wire will be for testing the terminals. By testing the terminals you will be able to tell if the chime is working properly. If when testing, you can coax a chime, you will need to listen closely to determine if the volume has diminished.

Leave the doorbell alone for a bit. After a few minutes check to see if the transformer has a raised temperature.

If the volume of the doorbell dropped, you may have determined the problem. The diminished volume can indicate that the transformer you are using doesn’t have enough power.

If the volume of the doorbell remained constant during the test, you need to disconnect the wiring in the doorbell and do it again. If you have your wiring diagram handy, you should refer to it to make sure that you are accurately wiring the doorbell.

That’s it. If you still find that the doorbell is not working properly, you should contact a professional. Don’t leave this problem unresolved as the overheating doorbell can be rather dangerous.