What to do if Your Evaporative Cooler Makes the House too Damp

An evaporative cooler on a white background.

An evaporative cooler is more efficient to use than air conditioners. They do not make the air inside your home dry. But if your cooler is making the inside of your house too damp, it may cause a lot of damage and cause the device to use more power than is necessary.

Opening an Outlet

While the evaporative cooler is running, open an outlet in your house such as a window. This will prevent the air inside from becoming too humid, which will also cause the cooler not to cool as effectively. And since the cooler takes the heat out of your house, do not turn it on if it is not very hot inside. If air inside is not hot enough, the evaporative cooler will not do anything.

Regular Maintenance

Replace or clean the evaporative pads on your cooler regularly. If they are already worn out or dirty, the machine will not operate efficiently. You should not let your cooler run at the same time as the air conditioner to prevent them from canceling the effectiveness of each other. Make sure that the evaporation pads are not too wet when you turn on the cooler fan. Warm air is passed over these damp pads and if there is too much moisture in the pads, it may cause the evaporative cooler to pass out more moisture.