What to Do If Your Toilet Fill Valve Keeps Running

If the water in your toilet keeps running after you flush, then it is due to a faulty toilet fill valve that will need replacement. The toilet tank fill valve is the simple mechanism that refills the toilet tank with water after every flush.

A leaking fill valve needs immediate attention as this will translate to a higher water bill on your part. The water in the toilet tank will keep running and flow to the overflow tube and the drain, wasting precious water in the process. This will continue all day unless the leaking fill valve is replaced. Follow these simple steps to replace your toilet's fill valve.

Steps to Replace Toilet Fill Valve

1. Locate your toilet's shut off valve and turn off the water supply. Depending on the kind of installation the shut off valve is often located under the tank.

2. Remove excess water in the tank using a small basin to scoop water out or by flushing the toilet.

3. Loosen the water supply lock nut located near the shut off valve and remove the water supply tube.

4. Unscrew the nut that holds the old fill valve. The nut is located directly under the old fill valve. Disconnect the refill tube on the old fill valve.

5. After removing the refill tube, the old fill valve can be removed easily from the tank. Install the new fill valve and repeat steps 4 to 1 in reverse order.


The simple task of replacing a leaking fill valve will make sure your toilet refills properly after every flush. You save water and money in the process.