What to Do when Stained Wood Starts to Bleed

There are practical solutions to prevent bleeding on stained wood. Below are the important steps on how to do it.

  • Clean the stained wood first with a wet rag and warm water. Remove dirt and grease.
  • Apply slight sandpapering if wood contains varnish. Then wipe clean.
  • Using your paint brush, apply an oil-based primer. This stops bleeding effectively. Allow primer to dry.
  • Apply latex–based paint using roller brush. Use enamel for a matte coverage, semi-gloss or satin latex-based paint for a glossy appearance.
  • Let the coat dry. Then apply a second coating. Let paint set and dry for some hours.

Process called Glue-sizing

In this method, glue is allowed to liquify at room temperature and is applied on stained wood to be absorbed and dried. This seals the wood surface to prevent bleeding.

More Hints and Tips to Remember to Prevent bleeding

  • Use color that is as close as possible to the original.
  • Keep in mind the depth of penetration when painting.
  • Buy quality paint for better durability and coverage. These paints contain binders that prevent wood staining. You will save money in the long run.
  • Satin and Semi-gloss latex oil-based paints prevent bleeding more effectively compared to other paints.
  • Water and oil-based enamel provide good coverage and prevents bleeding as well.