What to Do With Project Leftovers

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When you’re gathering materials for a DIY project, you usually purchase a little extra for the job. So at the end of a project, you likely end up with leftovers. Rather than store the excess materials in the garage, why not put them to work in another DIY piece?

Leftover Paint

Create an accent wall in a space with neutral colors, making a focal point in the room.

Use a leftover gallon of paint to create wainscoting on the lower part of the walls in a room -- apply painter's tape in a horizontal line around the room for clean lines.

If you have only one or two quarts of paint left, add some color to old furniture. Whether it's furniture you already have or old pieces you plan to buy at yard sales in the future, your leftover paint can spruce up these pieces and add character to any room.

Just a quart left? Consider applying some paint to the back walls of a shelving unit or the inside of drawers to add some bonus color to a space.

A faux headboard is another great way to use up a quart of paint. Tape off the area on the wall at the head of your bead with painter's tape and apply your paint to add some extra drama to your room.

Extra Tiles

Need a way to show off your house number? Print a number on separate tiles and attach them to your house's exterior, or glue them to a decorative board and install that next to your front door. Better yet, paint fluorescent paint over the tiles so that the numbers show up in the dark.

Use your leftover tiles to make coasters for your home or as gifts for family and friends. Use paint pens or permanent markers to personalize your tiles.

Use the tiles to create an artistic mosaic piece. Use the decorative art for a garden path or to hang in a hallway.

Unused Wood

Leftover boards can be used to create a charming, rustic headboard. Use wood from a fence project and secure the extra boards to the wall at the head of your bed. Consider adding a string of lights to add more personality to your piece.

You can create your own personal wine rack using only one or two unused boards from a wood project. Use the board to make a bottom, back and front piece. Secure the parts together and place the bottles standing upright inside your rack.

Use reclaimed wood from any project to build a custom side table. Don’t worry about using only one type of wood. By combining pieces from several projects, you can create an eclectic piece with lots of personality.

Looking for something to spruce up your landscaping? Use up extra wood pieces by making a planter box. Cut the wood to size and secure the pieces together. Add some holes to the bottom so that water can drain through and a pop of color with paint, and you’ve got a lovely addition to your garden.