What to Know About Concrete Drill Bits

For anyone who does work around masonry, concrete drill bits are one of the most important tools they can have. With this type of drill bit, the worker can go through the masonry much easier than with a regular steel drill bit. If you are shopping for some concrete drill bits, then there are some things you should know about them before making your purchase.

Concrete Drill Bits - Their Construction

A concrete drill bit is very similar to a regular wood, or metal boring drill bit. They have a steel shaft and spiral cutting edges. However, the cutting edges on the drill bit itself are beveled a little to allow the concrete bits to flow out of the hole. The steel shaft is also tempered for more hardness.

Concrete Drill Bits - Harder Tips

Drilling into concrete requires a much harder drill bit than wood or metal. If you try to use a regular wood boring drill bit it will become dull much quicker and eventually break. This can mean more problems as part of the bit will be stuck in the concrete. Most of the concrete drill bits on the market today have a carbide tip that will dig into the concrete much easier than a normal drill bit. There is also a wider tip for boring over the entire surface of the bit rather than a point that penetrates.

Concrete Drill Bits - Diamond Embedded Tips

Another way that concrete drill bits receive their strength is through small diamonds embedded within the tip itself. Because diamonds are naturally hard, they can bore into concrete without dulling. This also means a more precise hole that is created rather than a ragged, chipped surface.

Concrete Drill Bits - High Quality Bits Should Be Used

In the world of tools where are plenty of low quality, low priced accessories. These accessories, like drill bits, are not created with the same quality material that higher priced bits are. When drilling into concrete it is important to have a smooth look to the hole. Some lower cost concrete drill bits will cause chunks to be removed from the surface of the concrete. This results in a ragged look that will need to be patched before the project is finished.

Concrete Drill Bits - Use Hammer Drill

When drilling into wood a cordless drill will suffice. You can also use a cordless drill when boring into metal. Although, a corded drill will have much better bit speed. When working with concrete a hammer drill will make the job much easier. The hammer drill is used with concrete drill bits because it works with the drill to create a smooth hole. The hammer drill works with a pulsating mechanism that drives the bit into the concrete while also turning the drill bit. When working around concrete, it is important to have one of these in your toolbox.

Concrete Drill Bits - Different Types for Different Jobs

Just like there are plenty of different drill bits for wood and metal, there are also special bits for different concrete projects. A rebar bit, or rebar cutter, should be used when drilling into exterior walls. You never know when you will drill into a piece of rebar and this bit does it easily. There are other specialty bits that are designed to create very smooth holes in the surface of the concrete.