What to Know Before You Buy a Stair Kit

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Using stair kits is a cheap way to install stairs in your home. Some kits include all of the materials and cost over $1000. Other kits only include individual brackets, with each set costing around $10. There are several things you need to know before you buy a stair kit, such as the location, rise, and run of your stairs. You also need to know the style and materials. Knowing these things will help you determine whether you need a pre-fit or custom stair kit. You will also get a general idea about the price.


The location of your stairs will play a large part in their size and style. The rise and run will be determined by how much extra space you have. The location will also influence the style and materials. Are the stairs for inside your home, outside, or for your garage? Once you know exactly where you will be putting the stairs, measure the area with consideration for the amount of space you are willing to give up.

Rise and Run

The rise and run, or how high and how long, you want your stairs to be are the most important measurements you can take. With these measurements, a manufacturer or supplier can equip you with the best stair kit for you.

It will also help you determine the width and depth of each step. The rise and run will tell you if you will need one kit or two. If you have an area with very little rise and run, you may not need a complete stair case. For example, if you need steps up to your deck and already have the wood or composite materials, you may only need one or two steps. Instead of purchasing an entire kit, you will only need a few brackets and instructions, which are available at major home improvement centers.


There are several styles you can choose from. The two basic forms are spiral and straight stairs. These forms then branch out into a wide range of options. The best way to choose what type of stairs you would like is to research kits available online and at home improvement stores. These sources will help you determine the best style including shape, color, materials, and handrails.


The materials you choose will depend not only on your price range, but also the style of the stairs and whether you want them to be inside or outside. Most straight stair kits are made out of wood or composite materials while spiral staircases are usually metal. There are always exceptions, but they tend to be more expensive. Many of the elaborate kits are meant for use in businesses instead of private homes.

There is one final thing you must consider before you buy stair kits and that is building codes. Each municipality has its own building code. You will need to find a set that conforms to local code and perhaps buy a building permit. The code is meant for your safety, regardless of how inconsequential or annoying it may seem.