What to Know When Buying a Thermostat

Wall thermostat set at 73 degrees
  • 1-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 20-300

The first thing you need to know when buying a thermostat is what kind you need. The second is to know where to install your new thermostat. This article will focus on the first point.

What Kind?

You head to your electrical supply store or home improvement center thinking, well, this is an easy choice, right? In reality, there are several choices. Are you replacing an old style rotary thermostat? Do you want to take advantage of the new technologies offered and replace it with a new programmable digital thermostat?

Digital Programmable

If your home is wired to receive a digital programmable thermostat (four wires from the power supply), consider the investment as a path to greater savings and convenience. The initial cost is considerably more than just replacing the old rotary style with the same kind. However, a programmable digital thermostat can offer timed operations, separate zone coverage as well as help monitor daily, weekly, and monthly energy consumption.

Instead of pushing the thermostat lever to a high setting when leaving home, use of a digital programmable thermostat can allow you to turn air conditioning or heat down, or off, for a selected periods during the day. The thermostat can then turn the air conditioning or heating on in time to make the house temperature comfortable for when you return. The newest version are even smart equipped so you can control them using an app on your phone.