What To Know When You Buy Cabinets

When you buy cabinets to upgrade your kitchen, you increase the value of your home. Here is how to buy cabinets:

Before you Buy

  • Decide what type of storage you need.
  • Determine the type of cabinets that would meet those needs.
  • Draw a diagram of the area and where each cabinet will be installed.
  • Take your measurements for the area where you will install the cabinets.
  • Measure height, width, and depth, then measure again to ensure no errors.
  • Transfer the measurements onto the drawing and label each cabinet too.

Choose Styles, Quality, and Price Options

Look at different cabinet styles and then decide which styles you prefer. It's good to have a few options. Then visit several cabinet providers both at home centers and more upscale vendors to get a good idea of the differences in quality, prices, and styles.

Cabinet prices are determined by the quality of the materials, special features such as a fancy corner cabinet. They can be priced by the piece or by the square foot.

Feel free to ask sales staff questions why the difference in pricing, features, and construction so that you fully understand what you are buying. Check your measurements one last time, and then place your order to buy cabinets.