What to Know When Buying Wood Shed Kits

Wood shed kits can provide the keen gardener with great storage space for gardening tools and equipment such as lawnmowers. It is possible to buy basic wood shed kits in home improvement stores and garden centers, but there may be a few things that you need to know before purchasing a kit. In order to get the best from these kits, you should follow a few simple guidelines.

Questions Before Buying Wood Shed Kits

Before making an impulse purchase of one of these kits, ask yourself if you really need a wooden shed for your garden. Plastic and metal sheds are also available, and one of these kits might be cheaper and easier to install than a wooden one. However, if you are finding yourself blocked out of your own garage by gardening tools, or you need a place to put the new lawnmower, then a wood shed can be the ideal thing.

You should also ask yourself where you can get the cheapest wood shed from. While it is easy to buy sheds from stores and large supermarkets, you don't want to buy a cheap version that doesn't fit together well. It is a common mistake to buy a cheap version and then have to spend more money in making it suitable for use.

Ask yourself if the wood shed kits will make a large enough shed for you to store all your tools inside. Some sheds that come in kits will not be large enough to store your lawnmower inside, for example, and it may be better to buy an expensive ready-made shed than risk purchasing a small one which will be useless.

Mistakes to Avoid

Impulse purchases of wood shed kits can sometimes be a serious mistake. Purchasing a wooden shed which is not suitable for your needs can be a needless extravagance. You should also check the kit's instructions to make sure that you can finish the task: installing a wood shed is a complicated job and you may need to hire help.

You should also try and avoid buying a shed which has not been water-proofed, or protected against rot. Some wood shed kits, usually the least expensive, come without suitable preparation, and you may need to purchase additional gear to get the job done. Read the contents of the kit on the back before you purchase, and consider whether you will need to buy anything else.

Be a Shed-Building Genius

When looking at wood shed kits, you need to remember that you will have to find room in your garden for this shed.   Clearing the ground and preparing a base for a shed can sometimes take longer than installing the kit itself: you will need to make a firm base for your shed which includes digging a hole and pouring concrete.

You should also familiarize yourself with the care and maintenance of a wood shed. Wood is vulnerable to attacks from insects, mold, and water action, all of which can damage the shed unless you treat it on a yearly basis. Use protection against water and mold, and check regularly for signs of insect activity.