What to Look for in Handicap Vans

When looking to purchase handicap vans, there are some things that you should look for before making the purchase. Buying a handicap van for personal use may be a good thing if you are a person who is handicapped and need the freedom and mobility necessary to get around or if you are a family, friend or loved one of a person who is handicapped. The handicap van that you acquire should fit your lifestyle, budget and needs.

Roominess in the Handicap Van

The first thing that you should look for when acquiring a handicap van is its roominess. The doors should be wide enough to comfortable provide for wheelchair access or allow a person using a walking aide to comfortably get into the van. If you a person who is handicapped, the seats should adjust easily and allow for you to sit as comfortably possibly.

Easy to Reach Controls

Another thing that you should look for when buying a handicap van is whether the handicap van has controls that are easy to reach for a handicap person. The handbrake, accelerator and other controls needed to operate the car should be appropriate for your ability. This is also true of any climate control and safety controls such as the flashers, seat belts, lights and high beams.

Customized for Your Needs

Many handicap vans are customized to meet the needs of the driver or the passengers who are handicapped. You should look for a handicap van that has been customized your needs, not the needs of another handicap van user. A handicap van that is designed for an individual with a missing limb is not the same as a handicap van for a person who is wheelchair bound.

Wheelchair Ramp or Lift

If you are bound in a wheelchair or need assistance getting in and out of the vehicle the handicap van should be equipped with a ramp or lift that allows for easy entry and exit. The ramp or lift should be motorized and able to operate in all weather conditions. This requirement almost seems intuitive however a handicap van that lacks this basic equipment may prove to be useless for you and your needs.

Meet Americans with Disability Act Standards

The handicap van should meet all of the applicable standards set for by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) for handicap access. Ramps, bars and other safety devices and aides should be properly installed and working every time the handicap person enters or leaves the handicap van. ADA sets the standard for handicap accessibility and finding information can be done easily online.

Budget Concerns

You should seek a handicap van that has all of the equipment and bells and whistles that you need for a handicap driver or passenger at a cost that you can afford. It would not make sense to buy a handicap van that is more than you can afford, become dependent upon it and lose it due to an inability to keep up with the payments.