What to Look for In Solar Garden Water Features

In this day and age, when saving energy is important to everyone, solar garden water features are the way to go. There are many solar garden water features that you can consider when getting ready to purchase a solar powered fountain, birdbath or other item for your yard.

Here are some of the solar water garden features that you should look at when you decide to purchase a solar powered water product for your yard:

Location of the Setup of a Solar Water Garden

A solar water garden of any kind has to have access to sunlight to get the energy it needs to operate. Make sure before you purchase one that you have adequate supply of sunshine in your yard. Also, make sure there is not a tree or other structure that would block access to sunlight in the area you want to put a solar fountain. You also have to choose an area that is flat and solid enough for the weight of it, if you are planning to buy a stone or concrete model.

The Type and Location of Solar Panel

Water features on fountains are powered by solar panels, so you want the panel on yours to be effective and work well for the best results. Be sure to know how well the one you are considering works before buying your fountain.

Just look carefully and see where the panels are located and how many panels there are. If the panel isn’t in a good place to get a lot of sunlight shining on it, it won’t soak up enough energy to work. One good choice to get around this is to buy one with a removable panel. This way you can put the panel somewhere to soak up the energy it needs, and run power to the unit at another location.

Also, look at the size of the panels versus the amount of water it has to power through the fountain. You have to make sure the panels are either large enough to soak up lots of sun or that there are multiple panels installed for the purpose.

You also have to figure in the wattage of the solar panels. This is another way besides size that tells you how much sunlight energy it can soak up and use. Your pump would also show the wattage and you can compare the two.

Plumbing Considerations

Another advantage of a solar water garden is that most don’t require plumbing or wires and are self-contained units that recycle the water throughout the fountain structure. The solar panels run the water pump that moves the water through the fountain. These types of water garden features keep bacteria from growing because the water doesn’t stand still and get stagnant.

There are many different kinds of water garden features that you can add to your yard, and if you choose solar powered ones, you are not only adding beauty to your home, but also saving money, since you don’t have any electricity costs and are helping to save energy for the future.