How to Choose and Select Toilet Seat Hinges

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It seems like it would be an easy job to purchase toilet seat hinges, but it is actually more involved than one would think. There are certain things to consider when purchasing new toilet seat hinges, and this article will provide the necessary details.

Step 1 - Determine the Size of the Toilet Seat Hinges

Toilet seat hinges all seem the same, but that is not the case. There are standard sizes of toilet seat hinges, but there are multiple sizes from which to choose. If you have spent the money on an expensive toilet, then you will run the risk that the store will not carry a hinge that is made for that brand. That will either make for a special order, or you will have to settle for another style.

To determine the size of the toilet seat hinges, measure the length of the current set on the toilet seat. The width of toilet seat hinges rarely plays a factor, unless you have a designer toilet seat. Pop the cap where the screws are hidden on the hinges and count the number of screws. It is also wise to measure the distance between the screws.

Step 2 - Choosing the Right Toilet Seat Hinges

The cost of toilet seat hinges is relatively inexpensive. Determine which toilet seat hinges are available in the size you need, as well as the amount of screws and distance between them. The list will certainly be much smaller. If cost is a factor, eliminate the styles out of your price range. The following toilet seat hinges are styles you may come across:

  • Plastic: Inexpensive, not very durable but easily replaced
  • Metal: A much better look, durable and little pricey, but still affordable
  • Designer: More expensive and usually made for specific brands of toilets
  • Pneumatic: Expensive, but these toilet seat hinges stop the seat from crashing down, limited sizes
  • Rod and Hinge: Expensive but can usually be sized for any toilet, one long metal arm with hinges attached

Find toilet seat hinges that fit your toilet, then consider the aesthetics or functionality of the toilet seat hinges.

Step 3 - Installation of Toilet Seat Hinges

Remove the old toilet seat by popping open the screw cover and removing the screws. Place the new toilet seat hinges on the toilet base and screw the bottom hinge into place. Replace the seat and attach the top hinge to it.