What to Think about when Buying a Stippling Brush

Painting becomes more creative when stippling is applied using a stippling brush. This is a method of painting or engraving that creates a dotted effect on the canvas. This procedure is great for maximizing a limited amount of paint and covering a rather wide area. It is utilized to create a textured effect or to create an even surface by removing brush marks. Care should be emphasized when performing stippling. Too much paint will create an uneven amount of color on some parts of the canvas or wall. Too much pressure on the brush will also tend to splay the bristles sideways and will mar the work of the painter. To improve painting quality, it is wise to get to know some types of stippling brushes.

Different Handled Stippling Brushes

Stippling brushes come with different types of handles for individual preferences on how they want to paint. Handles may be bowed or they may be reversible. This is a matter of personal choice. Different handles also will help to make painting easier in different areas of the canvas. For instance, ceilings are best tackled by painters using a bow-shaped handle.

Different Bristles Stippling Brushes

Bristles are of high grade quality and painters prefer those that will last longer and create beautiful masterpieces. A rubber bristle is one that is sturdy and easy to wash. Hair bristles can easily become flaccid and will be difficult to use for longer periods of time. A quality brush will always make a difference in every masterpiece.

Care of the Stippling Brush

Stippling does not require a great skill from the painter. However, one does need to be knowledgeable in the basics of mixing paints, or how to cover the canvas or wall with a base paint. The harder detail is in the care of a stippling brush as they can easily be damaged if not handled well. A good painter must have the necessary equipment ready for cleaning the brush. A bottle of turpentine or white spirit should be utilized for removing the paint from the brush. After the paint has been removed, the brush should be submerged in warm water and cleaned with soap. After rinsing the brush well, shake it and dab it gently on a dry cloth. Then, hang it to dry. Never let the brush be kept anywhere where it will rest on its bristles as this will create a deformity on the bristles. Keep the bristles straight at all times. Proper care of brushes will help you to save money and time in the long run.

Unique Sponge Stippling

If a good stippling brush is unavailable to the painter, a sponge can be employed as a means to do a stippling paint job. A good sponge is needed and should be used like a brush would be used. But it should be first soaked in water and squeezed dry before colors can be dabbed on it and patted over the canvas or wall. Multi-color effects can also be used but in layers so as to use a one colored sponge at a time, letting first layer to dry then adding a second layer of colors - unless mixing the colors is the objective of the painter. Creativity is a must in painting. And one can utilize stippling to create many creative works of art, even if it is just the walls of your own room.