What to Think about when Buying Plastic Spray Paint

What should you think about when you buy plastic spray paint? Well, any type of spray paints can work. The main types of spray paints in the market are the latex spray paint, and the metallic spray paint. This article will tell you what kind of spray paint you should buy to finish your job.

Metallic Spray Paints

Metallic spray paint may work much better than latex paints, because metallic spray paints give objects a metallic glow. They can make your plastic objects look much better and shinier.

The two companies that make the best metallic paints are Krylon (krylon.com) and Rustoleum (rustoleum.com). Both of these companies sell their metallic paints for around $5 to $10, and both have the same kind of quality. Other brands might also be suitable for you, but no companies can match Krylon or Rustoleum's quality. You can either buy their products from their websites, or you can find a retailer that sells these products. Other companies that have favorable reviews are Montana and Belton. You may find other brands of paint available in different retailers.

The color of the paint will determine the price. If you buy colors such as gold or silver, then you may have to spend more money. Also, you won't need to buy any primers for plastic, but sometimes people buy them to give their objects the best shine. However, you are required to sand your object to make the surface smooth.

Latex Spray Paints

Because any type of spray paint can work on plastic, you are not restricted to only metallic spray paints. You can also use latex paint. Latex paints are very beneficial because they take little time to dry, so you can put the second coat of paint in just a few minutes. Also, mistakes can easily be wiped out, because latex paints are made with water. Latex paints are also made by Krylon and Rustoleum, and they are available in retail stores or at their websites.

However, latex paints are not used for decoration. If you make a mistake you have to notice immediately or the paint will become permanent. Also, latex paints cannot be blended.

Graffiti Spray Paints

You can also use graffiti paints. Graffiti paints are no different from latex paints or metallic paints when applying them to plastic. Graffiti spray paint is just like latex paint, but you won't be able to get the same kind of results that you can get from metallic paints. The most common graffiti spray paints are Montana, Belton and MTN. You can also change the nozzle type of the of the cans to customize the pressure, the valve thickness, and the opacity of the paint. Montana and Belton both put paints in high and low pressure cans. So if you want more paint on the object, you can get the high pressured can, but if you want your final design to be more artistic, then you can get the low pressured can. However, you would need to apply multiple coats if you buy the low pressured can.