What to Think About When Planning a Deck Trellis

A deck trellis is a fantastic way of adding that something extra to your garden or back yard. As anyone who has one will know, a deck is a great place to congregate with friends or family to have fun. It is very relaxing, particularly in the summer. A trellis for the decking will give your garden a unique design that is different from others and may also be used for flowers to climb up as well. It can be quite challenging to install a decking trellis, but by following the correct steps it can be done. Additionally you really need to consider planning before building your trellis so that it looks right. 

Think about the Tools You Need

When planning to build a trellis for your deck you need to be aware that you will require a bit of capital to start as you will need plenty of tools and materials. Amongst the tools and materials needed to build your decking trellis you will require deck screws, concrete mix, wood stain and panels. 

Work out the Position and Size of the Deck Trellis

You should first decide the size of your deck trellis. This obviously can be determined by the size of your deck area in the first place as it cannot be bigger than that. However, you should consider what size of trellis would look the best with your decking in your garden and would appeal the most. It is important to find a size that will fit in well with the rest of your garden. You don’t want anything that is too small and will not attract any attention. Also, if it is too big then it could turn into an eyesore as it will take up too much room in the garden and detract from the decking area itself. As well as size you need to think about where in the decking area you want the trellis to sit. It can sit on either side depending on your needs and requirements. You may want the trellis to face a certain way. 

Material of Your New Deck Trellis

It is important when planning to build a deck trellis for your garden that you think about which material you want to use. You may want the trellis to match the decking you have and if that is wood then you could build a trellis made from the same material. As an alternative you may want it to be distinctly different and original such as a metal trellis. You also need to weigh the benefits and disadvantages of each type of material for your trellis. Pine is probably not a great idea as it is as soft wood. Because of this it is very prone to erosion and damage from the elements it will be subjected to. However, what you get with metal is a more durable trellis able to withstand harsh weather. It is important to take into consideration when planning whether you want a low maintenance trellis that will not take much attention once built.

Building your Trellis

Finally, it is worth thinking about how much time and effort you are willing to invest in building your trellis and also how much money you are willing to spend. It is not that cheap to build your perfect trellis and you should make sure that you realize this before embarking on the project. It will take some time too to install the trellis but when it is done you will have something you can be proud of.