What's Hot In 2020 Home Design?

a curving design made from many pieces of wood

Classic looks are timeless and elegant, but much as we love the old standbys, occasionally we get cravings for life on the other side of the classics. We’re talking about hot home designs for 2020, ya’ll!

Bold Geometric Patterns

Mosaics aren't new, but instead of intricate representational pictures or patterns, many new surfaces in 2020 will feature more abstract designs with bold repeating geometric elements to engage your attention. No time to install an elaborate tile project? Lucky for you there are other options out there if bold is where you want to go. Patterned floor tiles and area rugs are budget friendly alternatives to the time consuming mosaic installation. Or try taking those patterns to your walls with yes, we said it—wallpaper. Today's paper designs go way beyond the demure florals of yesteryear.

colorful paper pattern

Mixed Patterns

Mixed? That's madness! Animal and floral prints just sound too rambunctious and, well, gaudy. Maybe so, but when it works, it's like being transported to a chic, bohemian loft in Paris. We suggest you start slow. It’s easy to overdo it with this one, but if you’re itching for something that goes against the grain, by all means, try something like this in the walls of a bedroom or living room. Be prepared for something dramatic and over the top.

mixed animal and floral print

Bye-Bye Beadboard

You’ve probably heard about shiplap, a common wood siding often used on the exterior of buildings—it's been making its way inside our homes the past few years. Born to protect buildings frequently in the path of harsh weather (think seaside cottages,) shiplap makes a natural choice for places that see lots of action, e.g. your kitchen. It’s not the funky wood paneling of the 70s, mind you. In fact, it looks quite chic in a modern kitchen.

Natural Materials

Jute and sisal? Rattan and wicker? Everything old is new again as these materials make a comeback, but we’re talking more than the papasan chair and rickety patio furniture of your childhood. You can get light fixtures, cabinets, or armoires with caned finishes, all of which give your space an open, relaxed, airy look and feel.

curved natural wooden ceiling

Noble Marble

Now we go from the humble materials of rattan and wicker to the very noble and elegant marble. And luckily for your wallet, we’re talking about small items, not a whole floor or countertop. The beauty of marble is the natural colorful veins that make each piece a work of art. You can find small items like a vase or sculpture, or larger pieces like a coffee table block, to enhance the décor of your space.

Go Big With Nature

Find nature-inspired curves in designs that incorporate rounded corners, curved shapes, and arches rather than abrupt, harsh angles. And when we say 'big,' we actually mean oversized. Consider taking a bold step with large potted plants and create an indoor jungle/garden where you can enjoy a lazy morning sip of coffee and get your “me” time before heading out the door into the world. We’re hoping this design trend becomes more than just a trend. Let's make it a necessity in every home to promote well being and mental health.

curved, layered, wooden pattern


Texture adds depth to a room that can otherwise look boring and uninviting. Luxurious fabrics like velvet definitely have a place, but they can be a bit overwhelming. While we love velvet, think of other textures that aren’t so formal, like bouclé with its playful, casual looped yarns. Use them on sofas, pillows, and other accessories decorating your room. On vertical surfaces, consider sourcing some materials that pop out from the wall, creating a more dynamic and naturalistic feel.


Lighting and signs that evoke an air of nostalgia in an otherwise modern interior can make for a cheerful, creative space. Pieces of furniture in neon colors are a bold statement. Just think about how these colors might interact with any surrounding earth tones. They may contrast pleasantly, or they might set up a bit of a clash. Engineered interiors are making a comeback too, so maybe save your neon pieces for spaces leaning more heavily on materials like metal and brick.

Space for Socializing

We’re all getting attuned to an increasingly digital life these days, and at times it can be hard to look up from our screens. Create a place in your home for the age-old art of conversation by incorporating large seating options, e.g. two couches facing one another, or a gathering spot beside the bookshelves. Think of zoning areas—making it obvious to guests where they can sit, relax, congregate, and socialize. After the mad rush of online opportunities over the last two decades, we're glad to see this human focused trend come back in style, increasing our connection with others as our devices try to gobble up ever more of our time.

However you make use of trends is up to you. Incorporate the ones that fit your lifestyle and promote your sense of well being.