When and Where to Buy Stairs for Outdoor Use

When you want to buy stairs for the outside of your house, there are some times of the year that are better than others.

When to Buy

To buy stairs for the outdoors, shop in either the spring or fall. At these points, the weather will be best for working outdoors for installing them. Summers can be far too hot in many parts of the country, and the winters too wet or cold.

Installing outdoor stairs can be an exacting job, so you need the best weather when you feel most comfortable. As these stairs are wood, you will also find that in spring or fall, the temperatures won’t cause the wood to contract or expand with the weather.

If you buy stairs at other times, there’s a good chance that the outdoor stairs will just sit around until the weather improves enough for you to install them, anyway. Rather than having them taking up space in the garage or basement, or even outdoors, it’s best to buy them when you’re ready to put them in place.

Where to Buy

There are three real options as to where to buy stairs. A good hardware store will stock them, especially a big DIY store. You can also try a timber yard, which will have pre-cut stairs, and a store that supplies materials to builders and contractors.