When to Go with a Wall Mounted Pot Rack

A wall mounted pot rack provides an attractive, aesthetic means of storing pots, lids, spice jars and other cooking equipment. Other variations of pot racks are hung on the ceiling or placed on the floor. In some situations, a wall mounted pot rack provides a better solution as compared to the other options.

Disadvantages of Ceiling and Floor Pot Racks

Pot racks hung from the ceiling require a durable ceiling structure, failing which there is a possibility of collapse and damage to the structure. Also, if there are multiple cooks in the household and they are not of similar height, a wall mounted pot rack will be the perfect solution. Low ceilings also call for a wall mounted pot rack. A floor pot rack needs a spacious kitchen. You must place it in a suitable spot where it does not get in the way of people.

Benefits of Wall Pot Racks

A major advantage of wall mounted pot racks is that you do not have to stretch up or bend down to retrieve anything. You can install the pot rack anywhere in the kitchen where there is sufficient free wall space. You can also avoid the imbalance that is common in ceiling mounted pot racks, especially when something heavier is place on one end.