When to Replace Your Rear Brake Calipers

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Your rear brake calipers are an important part of your braking system, and not replacing them as soon as they need it is putting your safety, and the safety of any passengers, at risk. There are a few signs that you can look for which will tell you when to replace the rear brake calipers, and learning these signs will help to keep you safe when driving.

Reading the Manual

If you are unsure when the calipers need changing then you should consider reading the owners manual for your car. This can tell you when your parts should be replaced to keep the car in the best condition possible, and are a useful guide when you are considering replacing any pieces in the vehicle.

Sticky Calipers

You may notice your rear brake calipers sticking after they have been depressed. This can cause the car to move to one side when driving, putting you in a dangerous position. If you find this happening often after you depress the brake pedal, then you need to replace the rear brake caliper on that side.

Leaking Fluid

You may also find that your caliper leaks brake fluid, leaving you with a greasy patch under your car in the morning. This should be another indication that you need to change the calipers.