When to Use a White Backsplash

Any white backsplash will bring extra light to a kitchen. Be it tiled or Perspex or other white kitchen efficient material, it will offer certain qualities that other colored backsplashes will not give you. Choosing when to include a white backsplash depends on personal factors.

Why White?

White is a highly reflective solution to a darker kitchen or smaller kitchen area which has little natural light. People who have tiny work spaces often feel claustrophobic if the kitchen is too compact and dark. White cupboards and décor will help to make the space feel bigger and possibly appear bigger, which can have a positive mental effect on the room. White has an opening effect on any room and will always make a small space seem larger.


If your cabinets are gray, black, silver or monochrome a white backsplash will suit the style and design of the kitchen. White will match and compliment any other color in the spectrum so no matter what kitchen you have inherited, or are choosing to design, white backsplashes will always have a positive effect. They are, however, easily dirtied and will need proper cleaning to be kept in good condition. You can always cover a white backsplash with clear plastic to keep it from getting stained or dirtied.