When to Use Concrete Core Bits

Concrete floors.

Concrete core bits are used for drilling holes through concrete using a core drill. These are hollow cylinders that are incorporated with square teeth along their bottom edges. The top is enclosed, which is connected to the threaded stud on the core drill. Because core drill bits are larger, you have to secure the drill to the concrete that you are going to drill. While the drilling is going on, water is added to the bit manually using a sprayer or with a hand water pump that is connected to the drill.

When to Use the Tool

A core drill is a special kind of tool that used especially for concrete like the rotary hammer and hammer drill. However, a rotary hammer and hammer drill is used only for drilling small holes through concrete. A core drill with concrete core bits is used for making larger holes through concrete, such as for installing a patio umbrella permanently, for setting up poles for a clothesline, or for mounting a drain pipe. Make sure that you follow the recommendations of the manufacturer concerning the use of the tool and the concrete core bit that you are using for the project.

How to Drill Properly with Concrete Core Bits

When drilling holes through concrete using core bits, it is essential that the drill be kept as straight as possible to prevent the bits from being destroyed. It also prevents the hole that you are making from being elongated. Such a hole would need to be patched and the resulting finish would not be as strong as solid concrete. This would cause fixtures or anchors that you have installed to loosen over time.

Concrete core bits can become dull fast and may be shattered from the heat and friction that is created by the drilling process. If you are going to drill large holes, you may have to use diamond core bits that were specially designed for drilling concrete core holes. There are small size core bits that can be connected to a regular rotary hammer or hammer drill but if you are going to use large concrete core bits, you will have to use a core drill.

Safely Using the Tool

When drilling holes with the use of concrete core drills, you should always be wearing safety goggles or glasses. This is because of the danger of the concrete fragments and dust being flung into your eyes. A shattered bit will also cause such a hazard and it will require a medical operation to remove such fragments. If large fragments are driven in your eyes, you could be blinded permanently.

Attaching Concrete Core Bits

When attaching concrete core bits to a core drill, turn the drill bit in a clockwise direction and tighten it by hand. Once you begin drilling, the bit will lock itself in place. Always align the drill bit with the location of the hole. You can have the help of a friend in holding the drill in place. Mark the mounting area with a pencil and take your core drill to an area that has room to work in.