When to Use Semi-Gloss Paint

semi-gloss paint in different colors

Semi-gloss paint has a slightly shiny sheen and develops a relatively tough paint surface. Consider the following uses for semi-gloss to determine if it is the right paint for your project.

Use semi-gloss to draw attention to details in the surface you are going to paint. It accentuates the wood grain in doors, baseboards, moldings, and windowsills, and draws attention to drywall textures. Paint with semi-gloss in areas or on objects where you desire light to be reflected. It will brighten up rooms that often are lacking in natural light, such as bathrooms and basements. In addition, use semi-gloss when you desire a strong color effect. Reds and blacks, for example, are deeper and richer in semi-gloss than in flat alternatives.

As a base for your decorative wall painting project, such as stenciling and sponge painting, use semi-gloss paint. It allows you to wipe mistakes easily away with a rag.

Utilize semi-gloss when you desire a slick, highly durable, stain resistant surface. Use it on surfaces that you need to clean frequently or that need protection from excessive moisture. Choose semi-gloss paint when painting kitchen and bathroom walls, cabinets, children's play areas, front entrances and hallways. Use oil-based semigloss paints to finish furniture and wood floors.