When to Use Steel Joist Hangers

Steel joist hangers have made the construction of buildings much easier, as they provide a quick and effective way to provide proper support for your ceiling rafters as well as floor joists. They are very straight forward to install, for any carpenter or contractor that has knowledge of the wood framing process, and once constructed, provide a very long service life as they are rust resistant. You can buy them in bulk, which cuts the costs on your construction, and they remove much of the additional work that is required for traditional wood frame support beam construction. They are available in many designs so they can be used in any number of applications, such as roof joist installations as well as floor support beam placement.

Roof Support Beams

You would use steel joist hangers for the cross members and construction of roof peaks prior to the installation of the beam surfaces and shingling takes place. These are very reliable for holding the same, if no more amounts of weight that used to be supported by standard wood cross members. The life of these supports are greater than those made of wood as they are not as impacted by the temperature changes that take place in every attic crawl space in warmer months. Using these in a roof construction can take reduce the amount of manpower used to erect a structure to the desired specifications in comparison to traditional wood mountings that generally require 3 or more people.

Quick and Easy Installation

Steel joist hangers can be installed quickly and efficiently compared to the traditional wood cross joiner that were the standard in building homes many years ago. You do not have to measure and cut cross members and be distracted or removed from the work area to cut pieces for your project. They simply slide over the main beam and are secured with heavy gauge nails, and then joined to the secondary stabilizing beams in the same fashion, removing much of the labor from the job.

Quality products

Most steel joist hangers are high quality weather resistant steel and can be purchased for nearly every project, from floor supports to actual peak cap type designs. They are relatively inexpensive as they have become a staple product used by contractors all over the country due to their ease of installation, shelf life, and overall reliability over wood supports. These units can be bought in bulk, and purchased in a preconditioned state to help resist rust and moisture.

Floor Joists, and Additions

You can use steel joist hangers to make floors that can support the weight of your home or addition. They are very easy to install and make functional, without the need for complicated wood supports needing to be incorporated into your projects. You can use these to speed the construction process and extend the life of the structure over time, as the metal material does not dry rot or break free from your supports in the same way wood does.