Where To Buy Arbor Parts

An outdoor garden arbor is a great addition to any backyard. Arbors provide a great focal point and style to finish off any backyard project. When building outdoor arbors you should know where you find the parts you will need. Here is a quick list of places to find arbor parts.

Local Home Center

The first place to look for outdoor arbor parts that you need for building or repairing an arbor is the local home center. They will carry most of the different parts you will need as well as the lumber to build an arbor. Trellises, kits, hinges, gates and even metal mounting brackets can all be found in these stores.

Shop Online

There are several different garden websites that sell garden accessories. If you do not live near a home center, or if you want to browse for good deals on the arbor parts, you can check out Internet sites by typing in the keyword for the item you need.

Antique or Salvage Yard

There are many times when people have found amazing treasures at their local antique or salvage shops. You can search these places for great garden accessories and arbor parts like hinges, trellises and even post caps.