Where To Buy Bump Proof Door Locks

Everyone depends on the Door Locks to help secure their homes from intruders or thieves. For years, most people have depended on quality dead bolt locks to secure entry doors into their homes and protect their valuables. However, a relatively new technique called lock bumping is a process that uses standard keys which are filed down to their lowest level and then used to open almost any door lock. The keys are then struck with a soft mallet type hammer or screwdriver to open a door lock using kinetic force. While this method has been known to a few very expensive experience locksmiths for many years, the Internet has now made the information available to anyone who would use it. So, in order to protect your home, you should seek out bump proof locks that are much harder to defeat using this method. Bump proof locks are considerably more expensive than standard dead bolt locks; however, they do offer a much higher level of protection and security for your home.

Buy Bump Proof Door Locks Online

You can find bump proof door locks online by visiting websites like WholesaleLocks.com or GoKeyless.com. These websites offer a large selection of bump proof door locks made by companies like Master Lock, Genesys, Schlage, Simplex and Yale. These companies manufacture quality deadbolt door locks and other types of locks that are considered to be very trustworthy and very hard to defeat with almost any picking method - including using a bump key.

Visit an Authorized Medeco Dealer or Locksmith

Medeco produces some of the highest security door locks available. Although Medeco door locks are considerably more expensive than other brands of commonly used locks, they are considered to be some of the most secure locks available and are able to resist virtually all methods of pick attacks. Medeco has also been certified by many organizations as making the most bump resistant keys available in the United States. Medeco keys use special computer coded cutting techniques for ensuring that the keys cannot be used for lock bumping.
In order to find an authorized Medeco dealer or locksmith, visit the Medeco main website at www.medeco.com. You will see a link on the front page of the website that will take you to a dealer locator page. Once on the dealer locator page, you'll been able to enter your local zip code and press the search button. The Medeco website will then display a list of authorized dealers and locksmiths in your area that will be able to install a bump proof Medeco lock for your home.

Visit a Local Locksmith

There are other companies that provide bump proof door locks. So, you should visit a reputable locksmith in your area and consult with them about solutions that they offer for bump proof locks. Using a locksmith to install a bump proof lock will always cost you more than purchasing a lock at the local home improvement store and doing it yourself. However, the added expense may be well worth it if you consider how easily most door locks are defeated using the bump key method.