Where to Buy Window Film for Your Home

Tinting your windows, i.e. adding a window film, can be extremely beneficial. You can find window tint in a variety of locations. The sun can do a lot of damage to the inside of your car, by tinting your windows, you will be able to prevent sun damage. Window tinting is not just for your car. You can greatly benefit from getting your windows tinted in your home as well. Below are some tips on some of the best places to find window tint.


Any auto parts store can provide you with window tinting of all different shades. They offer precut as well. They even provide window tint remover. Most dealerships also offer window tint. This will ensure that you have the accurate size for your make and model car. Specialty film companies are easy to find online. They provide you with the laws of how dark your tinting can be as well as tips on how to install it yourself.


In car window tinting it is best to find a place that gives samples of tints. This way if you are unsure you can bring the tint to a law enforcement agency. Tint kits and tint mentor are excellent websites that can provide you with tips and specials. These sites also offer you precut tints. All you need to do is fill out the make, model and year of your car for accurate measurements.

Home Windows

Home window tinting can be very beneficial to you. The sun beating into your home can cause faded carpet and furniture.  It can also do damage to you, tinting your home windows can block 99% of UV rays. Window tinting will save you an enormous amount of money on your electricity bills as well as protect you. Online, you can find several specialty tint providers that offer a vast selection of tinting for your home windows.