Where to Find a Cheap Rocking Chair

You can find a rocking chair in many places. For cheap rockers, you might check the local thrift or consignment shop or check out furniture auctions, both locally and online. If you want a cheap rocking chair but prefer to buy it new, you can create some very impressive models from plans and kits that are available at the hardware store or on websites.

Garage Sales and Consignment Shops

Garage sales and consignment shops are a great place to find an antique rocker that is being sold at bargain prices. The problem with these methods is that they are not very dependable as it could take quite a while to find the right rocker.

Furniture and Auction Websites

For better quality chairs, you will most likely find the best deals at a furniture auction or an auction website such as eBay. Bid low, and raise the bid as you must. Millions of people use online auctions every day for purchasing antique or unique items, including rocking chairs of all types.


If you want a cheap Oak rocking chair, take a look at unfinished furniture or rocking chair kits. Many wood furniture stores, both locally and online, offer rocking chairs that simply need to be painted or stained or can be assembled from an easy-to-follow set of directions.