Where To Find A Good Outdoor Fire Pit

You can find a good outdoor fire pit in a variety of places. You may want to start by asking your friends for suggestions or even browsing through your local shopper magazine for people in your area who are trying to sell used ones. You can check websites like eBay, or even one of the many sites dedicated to fire pits. If you prefer shopping in your own community, visit the local flea market and check out weekly garage sales.

Commercial Fire Pits

If you would rather buy a new fire pit, check stores in several categories, including discount, department, and hardware. Look for both wood- and gas-powered fire pits. If you shop around, you should be able to find an outdoor fire pit that seems to fit your needs completely.

Fire Pit Kits and Plans

If you are in the mood to do it yourself, most hardware stores also carry plans and kits for building fire pits. From simple plans to extravagant brick and stone designs, fire pit ideas include above-ground designs as well as professionally designed versions of traditional in-the-ground pits. You can even build a custom fire pit that doubles as a BBQ grill or home smoker, if cooking out seems like a fun way to spend time around the fire.