Where to Find Appliance Parts

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If any of your appliances have broken down or are having issues working properly, it may be time to find replacement parts. If you are using a professional repairman for the job, they may be able to source the parts for you.

If you want to take on the job yourself, however, there are a number of ways you can find replacement parts for your appliances.

Make sure to consult your owner's manual before purchasing replacement parts, as it may have some guidance. Furthermore, it's possible certain parts will be under warranty, and you may be able to get them for free by checking in with the company.

If the part is small enough, consider bringing it with you when you shop for a replacement part. This will ensure you are able to find the same exact part and not just one with a similar sounding name to the par you are trying to replace.

Average Cost of Appliance Repair

It is incredibly difficult to estimate the average cost of repairing appliances around the house because there are so many different appliances with many different potential issues.

If, for example, the lightbulb in your kitchen's fridge is out, that is a very easy, very cheap appliance repair. Issues with your machine's inner workings, on the other hand, will be a much more difficult and expensive appliance repair.

Appliance replacement parts can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. If you call a repairman to your house, spend on planning at least $100 for their time. It will cost a lot more depending on what needs to be repaired and how long it will take.

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Home Improvement Stores

The number one place most people will turn to for replacement appliance parts is home improvement stores. Popular stores include Home Depot and Ace Hardware. Both of these carry parts for many of the top appliance brands.

One benefit of going to these stores in person is that you can bring your current appliance part that needs to be replaced, and someone who works in the store can help you find the replacement part you need. They may also be able to offer you some guidance on how to fix the part.

Manufacturer's Website

A manufacturer's website is an excellent place to find replacement parts for your appliances. Make sure, however, that you know the specific make and model of the appliance you are looking for a replacement part for so you can ensure you are purchasing the right part.

When in doubt, contact customer service. They can help you find the right device.

Some of these replacement parts will come with a warranty, which is a benefit of buying directly from the manufacturer. Many will also have a guide on how to correctly install the replacement part.

Other Online Stores

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You can also buy replacement parts for your appliances at other online stores. Websites like Amazon.com, as well as the online versions of your local home improvement stores, will sell many replacement parts.

Again, make sure you know what parts you need. If you type "fridge lightbulb" into the search engine of any of these sites, hundreds if not thousands of results will pop up.

Be as specific as possible with the terms you are searching and make sure to carefully look up dimensions and the make and model a part is supposed to be used for.

Local Builders

If you know any local builders, they may be able to help you get appliance replacement parts cheaply. They may even have some they've purchased in bulk that they no longer need and are willing to part with for just a small sum.

Your best bet is to contact these people toward the end of the busy seasons to see if there are any goods they are willing to part with rather than having to find long-term storage solutions for the devices.


You can also sometimes find appliance replacement parts on Facebook or other social media sites and apps. People will often list items they no longer need. This will require you to spend some time looking at listings.

When in doubt about an item, ask questions. Many sellers will be happy to make the time to measure a device and answer questions.

Be warned, though, that these sellers are not professionals. While some may be quite knowledgable, others will not know a lot of information about what it is they are selling. There is also no return policy for these types of transactions, so you could risk being stuck with an incorrect part.

Many sellers want to do transactions in cash or using apps like Venmo or PayPal, so you will need to make sure you can pay using one of those methods.

If you are not finding anything on Facebook, you could always post, letting people know that you are interested in a specific part. Be descriptive in the post. This is the best way to ensure people respond with valid items and do not mention appliance parts that you don't actually need.

Garage Sales

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You can also occasionally find replacement appliance parts at garage and yard sales or even at flea markets. If you have an older appliance, you may be able to find a replacement part as some will be getting rid of these parts as they are upgrading to newer appliances.

You can negotiate prices at garage sales, so you may be able to walk away with a deal. Again, bring cash and be forewarned that there are no returns on these items.

Discontinued Parts

If the part you need has been discontinued, you do not have to resort to a new appliance altogether right away. There are actually quite a few ways you may still be able to find a replacement part for your appliance.

Some online stores specialize in discontinued parts and can help you find what you need. The manufacturer of your appliance, as well as home improvement stores, may also be able to help you track down the part you need.

The manufacturer may also be able to recommend appliance parts that will work in your appliance, even if they aren't a part made specifically for that appliance.

What are OEM Appliance Parts?

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. That means OEM parts are parts sold by the same manufacturer that built the appliance. Obviously, these parts have some advantages.

First and foremost, these parts are high quality and come from the original manufacturer, which means they will work in your appliance as that is what they were specifically made for. As a result, these parts also protect your current appliance's warranty or may come with a new warranty of their own.

There is also less chance of you accidentally installing something that will hurt your device in the long run if you use OEM parts. This can actually be a cost saver in the long run as a result and also because of the possibility of the device being under warranty.

Generic Appliance Parts

    Generic appliance parts, as their name suggests, are generic and not designed specifically for a certain appliance. These parts are a great option if the parts designed for your appliance have been discontinued.

    If you aren't sure of the make and model of your appliance, generic appliance parts may also be the way to go.

    These parts are incredibly easy to find and often work well in appliances. When in doubt, you can always ask someone at a home improvement store if the replacement part will work in your appliance.

    For something like a kitchen lightbulb, a generic appliance part should be fine to use.


    Generic appliance parts are generally easier to find than original equipment manufacturer appliance parts. They are usually cheaper than original equipment manufacturer appliance parts.

    The long-term cost, however, can be higher if you void your warranty using a generic part or use one that is not compatible with your appliance and damage it.

    Can I Make Money Repairing Appliances?

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    If you find yourself to be quite skilled at appliance repair, you may be wondering if it's something you can make a little extra money doing without a huge time investment. The answer is yes.

    Companies like TaskRabbit make it easy to take on some jobs. Furthermore, you can pick your jobs and your schedule. You can also only agree to take on jobs nearby. You will, however, need certifications for certain jobs.

    It is also fairly easy to find jobs repairing appliances elsewhere. There are often companies small and large looking to hire repair people. You could also go into business for yourself as a handyman, taking on jobs as they come. If you do this, make sure to look up rates of other repair people nearby, so you know what to charge for your services.

    You could also look into going into refurbishing old appliances. Many handymen do not deal with antique appliances, so if you learn how to restore these devices, you will have a great niche business. Collectors are often willing to shell out big bucks for these services, as are owners who don't want to part with their old appliances.

    If you want, you could also consider managing properties or flipping houses. Both jobs would benefit greatly from having someone knowledgeable about appliance repair. With talks of a recession looming, both can be great ways to make money.

    Fridgemore vs. Kenmore

    You may wonder if appliance parts from different brands, such as Kenmore and Fridgemore are interchangeable. The short answer is that while they are not 100% interchangeable, the same parts may work for this. Reach out to customer service or read a product's specs to know for sure.

    There are many instances where parts will work for both because many Kenmore refrigerators are made by Fridgeair. Whirpool, GE and LG also make refrigerators that are branded as Kenmore products.

    If you are interested in finding out which company made your Kenmore product, look at the model number. The first few numbers will tell you what company manufactured the appliance, which may help in your search for replacement parts.

    Where to Find a Model Number

    The model number of your appliance should be fairly easy to find. if you still have a receipt from when you purchased the device, the number will likely be on it. If you don't, fret not. You can find it on appliances like fridges as well.

    Most devices have a plate. On the right hand side, there is generally a serial number or model number. That is the number you are looking for, which will help you know what replacement parts to purchase.

    What Appliances Break the Most

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    If you are a first-time homeowner, you may be wondering which appliances have a habit of breaking down more than others.

    Washing machines are one of the appliances that break down more regularly than others. To prevent it from breaking down, make sure not to overload it or put heavy items in there. Cleaning the drum and the rest of the machine will also prevent it from breaking as regularly.

    Dryers can also break down frequently when proper maintenance is not done. Make sure to clean out the lint trap frequently and clean the vent at least once a year.

    A broken fridge can be a huge issue as unrefrigerated food and drinks can go bad fast. To ensure that your fridge works correctly, make sure to clean dust and bacteria off of the fridge's condenser coils a few times a year.

    Make sure to also keep it stocked as an empty fridge requires more work. You will also need to keep the door shut. Know what you want to grab before you open the fridge so as not to require having the doors open for a long period of time.

    Dishwashers can also break down occasionally. The number one way to prevent this from happening is to keep it clean. Rot can affect the seals, hoses, and gaskets of the appliance.

    One way to keep things clean is to run the dishwasher on empty once a month using a cleaning solution aimed at preventing these issues. If you notice gunk or that the machine isn't working as well as it used to, consider cleaning it out sooner.