Where to Find Help with Small House Plans

There are so many great places to research and review when looking to find help with small house plans. Home building started off with building small compact houses close together in towns and neighboring cities. Then, everyone started to build larger and larger homes, both close together and far apart. Trends are now turning around again, looking to build smaller compact, efficient houses that use space effectively. Begin your small house plan research with the following.

Online Retailers and Architects

Starting your research online is a great way to take a look at what a large variety of sources have to say. Even if the architect or house plan retailer is not local to you, you will still be able to gather a great deal of information about small house designs and plans. Many of the websites will allow you to review the pictures of the house plans with a simple graphics viewer or picture viewer. While the plans omit various details that are required and needed by a builder, the views of the plans still give you an idea for what the plan has to offer. Keep a pen and piece of paper handy. Jot down the names and the styles of the homes you like. Reference the websites. Begin a quick pro and con list for each of the designs. Clearly note which features are most important to you and your small house plan. Is it open and airy spaces or are you looking for a house that provides you with a great storage solution?

Call your Local Contractors and Architects

Break out the local yellow pages and turn it to the contractor or architect page. Many of these individuals will sit down with you for free and engage at least in one or two consulting sessions. Remember, they are looking to earn your business and they will be agreeable to giving some advice away for free before you actually hire them. Use this to your advantage. Ask them as many questions as you can think of.

Tour Under Construction Homes

There are bound to be one or more construction sites around you. There are houses going up all the time. Even if the houses are a little large or not exactly what you are looking for, take a Saturday or Sunday drive and tour some of the sample homes. Take note of what you like and what you do not like. Pick up as much material as you want. Remember, all the advice is for free, so take advantage of it.

Call your Local Real Estate Agent

Who better to call than a great local real estate agent? Find someone that works with lots of buyers and sellers and also find someone with builder or new construction experience. You can bet that they have some great local contacts you can use as a reference point to get help with your small house plans.