Where to Look for Used Scaffolding

Looking to start a renovation business, but need to find used scaffolding to fit your budget? There are dozens of websites offering deals on used scaffolding, and many industrial recycling warehouses also provide tools on how to track used building tools for businesses on budgets.


Keep an ear on news about business closures in your area. When construction companies go out of business, they frequently sell their equipment at greatly cut prices. Take advantage of clearance sales, and find great quality scaffolding for lower prices.


From searching, you’ve found out that lots of websites advertise used building supplies, but buying online puts you at a disadvantage. You’ll be unable to personally check the quality until you’ve already put money down, and you can be easily beaten out at auction sites. Try to avoid buying used scaffolding online unless you’re buying from someone in your area.


Craigslist is the exception to the online buying rule. As long as you shop in your area, you’ll be able to look at the merchandise before taking it home. Use the website like the newspaper classifieds, and find out what kind of prices are in the market.